New Horizons: The Future of our Online Gift Store

As you may notice, we have changed our online gift store quite a lot lately. In this blog post we'll tell you everything about it and announce new, exciting plans - so keep on reading!

We have decided to take more control over the products we sell in our web store. Our team will design the products and our new production partner will produce them on demand, in other words as you order them online. They have production facilities in the EU and in the US. This means that you can expect relatively fast shipping times on both sides of the Atlantic. We are currently offering free shipping, but it will be changed a bit soon as we introduce more diverse products and collections. The goal is to offer multiple shipping rates from no rush to the economy, standard and express options.

Since we'll design our own products, therefore, making them unique, consider this a first step in creating a future brand focused on love, emotion, relationships, and families. We will also continue to actively speak to our ever-growing Instagram community, but also open new channels such as Facebook, Newsletter, and Pinterest.

The first collection we have already introduced in-store is (personalized) sterling silver jewelry. More precisely, silver bar string bracelets, silver bar chain bracelets, and horizontal silver bar minimalistic necklaces.

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We will soon shift our focus on designing other cool products as well. Some of them are printed tees, hoodies, coffee and tea mugs, pillows and pillowcases, posters, stickers, children and baby clothing and many more cool items. The main theme of our online gift store will always be love, in all forms of it.

Finally, we will also try to update you on our progress via more frequent blog posts. That would be all for now, follow us and expect more cool stuff to come soon. See you!


  • John

    Hi Walter! Thanks for getting in touch via comments. Please contact us via the contact form on and we will gladly assist you will all your inquiries.

  • Walter

    What all has been ordered here??

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