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Brand new in-store navigation is here! Shop by collections, products, gender, and price. A bit of everything to satisfy your needs. We'll explain in detail how it functions, so make sure to keep on reading.

Shopping in Cute Love Gifts online gift store has become easier than ever. How? Well, we have implemented a brand new main navigation logic that will help you to narrow down your search for a perfect love gift. Let's explain it bit-by-bit.

The first way to search for products is by product type, or as we labeled it: shop by product. You can select bracelets and necklaces for now but expect more diverse products to land in the online gift shop soon. The second way to search for store products is by collection. The only available collection at the moment is our love jewelry. Same as with products, expect new store collections soon - starting from a lovely love quotes t-shirts! We'll let you know more about that in our next blog post.

Furthermore, you can shop for love gifts by gender. We've categorized our gifts into two groups: love gifts for her and love gifts for him. You can also find unisex gifts in both groups. More price-conscious customers can shop by price. We have enabled four filters sorting gifts at certain price groups:

shop by main menu navigation, cute love gifts, online gift store

As we add more products, these price categories will get a slight rework as well. Please note that even tho you see prices in your local currency as you browse the store, we convert that amount to USD during the checkout (we plan to expand support for multiple currencies in future). Due to this reason, we've made categories in corresponding USD prices.

Finally, the last shop by option is the new arrivals. As the name says, here you can find products we've added to the store recently.

We have plans to add more options and categories in the future, such as occasions, ages, and etc. Expect them sometime after we introduce more diverse love gifts collections. Our goal is and will always be to make the order process as simple as it gets! :)

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