8 Signs That You've Found Love

Love is for sure one of the most intense human experiences. The history has taught us that the more we learn about love, we actually understand it less. Love is perceived differently and means something different to each person.

However, there are more ways to tell if you are truly in love, precisely 8 of them according to neuroscientists. To find them out keep on reading.

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What is love according to neuroscientists?

Love is definitively one of the more studied, but less understood human behaviors. The world-renowned anthropologist perfectly summarized it as something much more than emotion. Romantic love is deeply connected to our primal nature and deeply rooted in our biology. It is a drive, coming from the wanting part of the mind. It is an intense craving to be with a particular person sexually and emotionally.

Scientists have identified the most common 8 tell-tale signs of a person deeply in love. This is what happens to your body and mind:

Sign no. 1: Love makes you feel like an addict

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When you're in love, you can't get enough of it. We respond to love the same way we respond to drugs and alcohol. Once we have it, we want it more. Thinking about the person you love triggers the release of powerful neuro-chemicals in your brain: dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin which make us feel pleasure, excitement, and happiness. Studies have found that once our brains get the taste and feel of something and activate those chemicals, it is very hard to get rid of it.

Sign no. 2: Love makes you obsessed

A lot of us have fallen in love and felt like we're obsessed with our partner. There is an explanation for this feeling in science, too. The flood of "feel good" chemicals we've mentioned gives the body such an intense high feel, which invokes the feeling of losing control once our bodies get back to a normal, balanced state.

The constant battle between the states makes the body and mind crave the high feel in such a way that feeling of obsession is just a natural result.

Sign no. 3: Love makes you reckless

"Crazy in love" is a real deal. The part of our brain which is responsible for logic and reasoning and the part of the brain which warns us against threats both work less when we're in love. This makes us make bad choices pretty often when we are in love and stops us from questioning our actions.

Sign no. 4: Lust for one person and love for another person can happen at the same time

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Love and lust appear to be separate, but overlapping neural responses in the brain (according to neuroscientists). They both make us feel highs, they're both addictive, but separate enough to get categorized differently.

They are different enough so that you can lust for one person and love another one. However, if you focus on the person you love in order to develop a stronger attachment, you will increase the presence of oxytocin and vasopressin in your brain which will kick the feeling of lust back into gear.

Sign no. 5: Men and women behave differently in love

Men are more visual than women. When a man is in love, his visual cortex will work harder in order to find visual cues of love. He will look for visual confirmation of love in his life to find out if it is real.

On the other hand, women don't require any visual cues to know that they're in love or that they have a really strong bond with someone. They rely on the inner feelings of love.

Sign no. 6: Love makes you forget things if you are a man and remember everything if you are a woman

You know that feeling of flying on a cloud and that everything is as it should be? Well, that is happening because love messes with your brain.

However, women who are deeply in love tend to have overactive hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for keeping memories. That is why women remember dates and occasions more easily compared to men.

Sign no. 7: The eye contact

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Our brains work really hard in order to process the information they receive from our eyes. When we get lost in the eyes of another person, our brain does not know what to do with that information.

Babies and lovers have this intense eye gazing in common. They make eye contact in order to make an emotional connection.

Sign no. 8: Monogamy and promiscuity are influenced by brain chemicals

Some brains are hard-wired to seek love in any possible form, including cheating their long partners. However, situations like those can be prevented by introducing a higher level of "feel good" hormones rather than go looking for love in the wrong places.

Always consider how your brain is controlling the experience of love. Finding true love can be difficult, but once you find it (or at least think so), knowing these tell-tale signs can help you understand your feelings for that person even more.

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