The Love from Instagram, Part Two

A few days ago, we've been blogging about the amazing love stories our Instagram followers sent us via IG stories. Today, we will continue the journey.

Again, we want to thank them for the effort of writing their thoughts and, of course, for following us. 

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The first story we will feature is from @ishxnt:

"I met her randomly on Instagram. I was so nervous in the beginning. Her best friend helped me. I expressed everything I feel and she took some time. She liked me, but she was afraid too. But, after some time, she sent me a long paragraph of a text containing her feelings. It was around 3:14 AM. When I woke up in the morning and saw her text I was so happy.

After that, we met and shared our feelings. We were walking, holding hands and I saw her feelings in her eyes. She loved me. She wants me to be her forever, and I will surely stay by her side.

I found her randomly, and she became my everything. Our story will last as long as our lives for sure!"

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The next one is a bit shorter but certainly cool as the first one. It is coming from @wild.drug._23:

"I met him as a stranger and we started falling in love while playing truth and dare. I swear that day, the game we played became the best part of our life!"

That's all for today. Keep following us for the final, third part in this series of blogs. Also, we invite you to browse the cool and unique gifts from our web store and surprise your loved ones with a little personalized piece!

Yours truly Ms. and Mr. Romance

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