Our Story

How did our story start?

Our story has begun in early December 2018. Cute Love Gifts store was inspired by the community, our Instagram followers. The original name of our Instagram account was @love.romance.quotes (@cutelovegifts). We have started it purely for fun, to share inspiring love quotes we found online. One thing led to another, people loved our content and feed design and soon we got a fast-growing Instagram community around us.

What is the idea behind this online gift store?

Back then, when we started the Instagram account, we wanted to emphasize the importance of love in our lives. Love brings happiness to our lives, it brings sweet moments and memories and definitively makes life worth living. We celebrated life and love by sharing quotes we found online and by asking our followers to share them with us.

The idea of a gift store came a bit later, somewhere in March 2019, and it was influenced by our followers who kept asking us via Instagram Direct messages if we can help them in love gift shopping, relationships, love problems, etc. We have realized that with our design skills and dedication, we can actually provide anyone with more unique, different and meaningful gifts. While building the website, we have asked the community to share their ideas with us. They have sent us tons of messages, comments, and story replies about the products they would like to see in-store. The idea of personalized gifts stick the most with us, so we have started to implement it.

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Who are we?

We are writing this text in the plural first-person, but we didn't write anything about us yet. This website and social media are administered by two couples from Croatia. As for now, we don't want to share our private lives. We hope that's ok with you. However, you can call us Ms. and Mr. Love, and Ms. and Mr. Romance. :)

How does this online gift shop work?

The whole idea of this web store is to enable worldwide customers to find something unique and meaningful to buy for their loved ones. Therefore, the design of products is professionally taken care of by us as we design the products in-house. The products are manufactured by our partner company from the United States. The production physically takes place inside facilities in the USA and in the EU, depending on customer location, which is nearer. The products are made on-demand, which means that we do not stock them prior to receiving orders. This is a common practice in many online stores, especially when items can be personalized. We ship products worldwide and directly from their fulfillment center once they're made.

Finally, consider this quote the motto of our business and life!

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist